Moonlighting with the Almanac crew!

JennaSpitz-8269lmanac Dance Circus Theatre, Philadelphia’s trailblazing contemporary acrobatics company, premieres Leaps of Faith and Other Mistakes June 25–28, 2015 inside Fleisher Art Memorial’s historic Sanctuary space at 719 Catherine Street in South Philadelphia.


June 24, 8pm: Open Dress Rehearsal
June 25, 8pm:  Opening night with post-show reception
June 26, 8pm
June 27, 2pm and 8pm
June 28, 2pm and 5pm


Performers/Creators Nicole Burgio, Nick Gillette, Ben Grinberg, and Adam Kerbel Writer Josh McIlvain Music Written and Performed by Patrick Lamborn

A seventy-five minute work of dance theater incorporating feats of balance, strength, and flexibility, Leaps of Faith and Other Mistakes is an absurd and contemplative tapestry of sublime human idiocy, isolationist seafarer cults, and the kinds of people that devote their lives to becoming acrobats. In the work—four hobbyists find each other alone in a world of weirdos, and push themselves to be “exceptional in every moment.” As they purify themselves and adopt an all-white uniform, their trusty sofa becomes a portal for exploration and they set out on the high-seas and leave the world of fast-food and normal people behind.

For more information visit photos: Jenna SptizJennaSpitz-8016


Nice and Fresh Spring Series at Cliveden!

Nice and Fresh: May

performances of new theater and dance

bastard 1

Friday May 22 at 7pm
Saturday May 23 at 6pm + 23

Thanks for coming!

by Annie Wilson
The bastard is bedridden. Bastard is in pain.

National Park
Text, direction, and video by Josh McIlvain, dance by Deborah Crocker, original score by Andres Villamil
Dancer: Deborah Crocker. Actors: Lauren LeBlanc and Jonathan Steadman.
A multimedia extravaganza that takes you from the Rocky Mountains to a man’s bathroom.

The Mystery of Jean
Created by {HTP}: Manon Manavit and Julius Ferraro. Written by Jean Cocteau.
There’s something in the suitcase.

A Prairie Dance, For Now!
by Laura Vriend. Dancer: Rachel Carrico
She followed me from my hometown of Winnipeg, Canada. Her name is Prairie Girl.


6401 Germantown Avenue (enter on Cliveden)
Germantown, Philadelphia

Read up on the artists!

Nice and Fresh is a monthly performing arts series that features new works from Philadelphia-based (and beyond) theater, dance, and circus arts companies at venues in Northwest Philadelphia. Each show features four artists/companies performing new and original 10- to 15-minute works in a variety of styles and artistic disciplines. Read the reviews and press.

“‘Nice and Fresh’ curated show series gains popularity in Northwest Philly.” read the article about January’s show by Alaina Mabaso in WHYY NewsWorks!



Cliveden, one of America’s most well-preserved historic sites, is located in Historic Germantown, Philadelphia, on 5 acres of land right off of Germantown Avenue. The 1767 building, site of the Battle of Germantown, remains one of the nation’s best-documented and least-altered colonial houses. Performances are in the Carriage House, below.


Gathering of Northwest Philadelphia Performing Arts Companies and Artists on April 20 in Mount Airy

Save the date for a gathering of Northwest Philadelphia performing arts companies and artists: enjoy free beer, snacks, and conversation. Monday April 20, 7pm to 9pm.

SmokeyScout Productions ( and Quintessence Theatre Group ( invite theater and dance companies and artists, as well as presenters, traditional and non-traditional venue owners, and those professionals interested in performing arts in the Northwest for an informal get-together with complimentary beer and conversation.

The evening is FREE and open to all who are involved in the performing arts—or those who are interested in having more performing arts—in the Northwest (Chestnut Hill, Mt Airy, Germantown, Manayunk, Roxborough). We want to have everyone meet each other and start conversations between colleagues. Network, and exchange ideas about opportunities and the building performing arts profile in the Northwest.

When: Monday, April 20 7pm–9pm

Where: Quintessence Theatre, 7137 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19119

Cost: Free


Representatives of performing arts companies and/or venues are encouraged (not required) to give a 3-minute introduction about their organization. Companies are encouraged to bring literature. Performers, directors, and designers, etc. are welcome to bring resumes/headshots. Arts professionals and administrators are also encouraged to come.

Nice and Fresh: February!

sandraDavisspoonsPhoto (above): Bill Hebert.

Friday February 27 at 6pm + 8pm
Saturday February 28 at 6pm + 8pm

Moving Arts of Mount Airy
Greene St and Carpenter La
Mt Airy (across from the Co-op), Philadelphia

A great show, thanks for coming!

Sarah and Anna

Magick and Glitter
Hella Fresh Theater / performed by Anna Flynn-Meketon and Sarah Knittel; written by John Rosenberg. In short: A sorority girl who wants Magick the Magician’s to autograph her teddy bear befriends the magician’s assistant.

Created and performed by Megan Mazarick. In short: An evolving solo dance by Megan Mazarick, “When I was in Egypt in 2014 I finally figured out I am a lady. I know, right? How depressing. So part of making this solo is about being unlady-like or facing female identity in new ways.”

Lords of the Universe or FIVE YEARS IS TOO LONG TO WORK HERE
SmokeyScout Productions / performed by Fred Brown and josh McIlvain; written and directed by Josh McIlvain. In short: Two men lord over the masses from their perch at a café, overly obsessed with the girls who make their coffee, and a belief that they are still in the game.

Where are the Spoons?
Flower in the Storm
SHARP Dance Company / Choreography by Diane Sharp-Nachsin / Dancers: Joe Cicala, Sandra Davis, Sophie Malin, Miguel Quinones, Kate Rast. In short: Two short works from the modern dance company, one solo from there upcoming show, one a group piece about being on the wrong end of rage.



Nice and Fresh January 2015

It’s a new year and we’ve got a new . . .

Postcard front

Melissa Krodman, photo by Chris Chen

Nice and Fresh January

Pop Up Performances of New Theater, Dance and Circus Arts

Missed the show? Read all about it in this article by Alaina Mabaso in NewsWorks!

At the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts 5900A Greene St (entrance on Rittenhouse) Germantown, Philadelphia Enjoy these new creations . . . The Beauty Of The Program Is_Deborah Crocker_photo by Said Johnson_4962 copy The Beauty Of The Program Is SmokeyScout Productions Performed by Deborah Crocker, written and directed by Josh McIlvain. “McIlvain’s plays are snapshots of the lives that lie behind the lighted windows of the houses we walk by at night. They are about the coping mechanisms people develop to handle everyday pressures.” Jake Blumgart, The Philadelphia Inquirer Mumuration show photo LOOKS LIKE EVERYONE HAS LEFT Murmuration Theater Performed and created by Nell Bang-Jensen, Brian Ratcliffe, and Isa St. Clair; directed by Craig Getting; written by Jessie Bear. Tangle Movement Arts 1 Touch and Unwind Rewind Created and performed by Tangle Movement Arts Tangle Movement Arts is a circus arts company with an interdisciplinary focus. “Tangle Movement Arts has a record of quality-yet-accessible shows—simultaneously lovely and exhilarating.” Julie Zeglen, Philadelphia City Paper MK Bio Headshot Sunny Days with Sea-Side Simon Created and performed by Melissa Krodman. All works are about 15 minutes. Entire show is 65 minutes. Advisory: For mature audiences. Not a kids show!

SLIDESHOW Returns in 2015


“The punchy-colored slides and humorous yet heartfelt prose McIlvain recites is as uncanny and nostalgic as some of our own family scrapbooks.” Philadelphia City Paper

“Ingenious travel down memory lane!” Stage Magazine

We had two special house shows in Philadelphia in December and look forward to more performances in 2015 in New York, Philly, and beyond!

From the 1950s through the 1980s, the slideshow was a staple of American life. SLIDESHOW drops audiences back into the time of Kodachrome colors, weaving a fictional family history around strangers’ real slides of long ago vacations. A bizarre, funny, and disturbing work that recreates a bygone ritual, and delves into the lost aspirations of American life. SLIDESHOW recently debuted at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival to critical acclaim and sold out performances.

Slideshow_Josh McIlvain_photo by Deborah Crocker_1


Nice and Fresh December

IMG_4851Nice and Fresh December

Featured performances and creations by Putty Dance Project, Hella Fresh Theater, Almanac, and SmokeyScout Productions. A great time had by all. Above, Brent White and Lauren Putty White of Putty Dance Project performing Emoticon.

Friday December 5 at 6pm and 8pm

Saturday December 6 at 6pm and 8pm

Moving Arts of Mount Airy
6819 Greene Street
Mount Airy, Philadelphia, PA


Promo photo of Sarah Knittel for her role as Joni in Joni and the Doorman, which also featured Ethan Lipkin and was written and directed by Josh McIlvain of SmokeyScout Productions. Photo: Said Johnson