Carter’s Play

Art On A Budget…Life On Display: CARTER’S PLAY Brings New Meaning To ‘Backstage,’ Amanda Curry, Stage Magazine
“The fluid manner of transitioning between the two worlds makes CARTER’S PLAY all the more inventive and worth the trip . . .  a sneaky two-act look into a heightened world of art-making and the accompanying scandal that comes along with.” Read full article.

Cast members Patti Moore and Jennifer Summerfield with director John Rosenberg.

Cast members Patti Moore and Jennifer Summerfield with director John Rosenberg.

The Darker Side of DIY, Metro, Bruce Walsh
“Playwright Josh McIlvain has been writing, producing and acting in indie theater his entire adult life, and he has the scars, both mental and physical, to prove it. His latest, Carter’s Play, is a comic meditation on the darker side of life on the fringe.” Read full article.

Arts and Culture Calendar, Philadelphia Weekly, J. Cooper Robb
“Promising local dramatist Josh McIlvain’s latest work, Carter’s Play, makes its world premiere tonight at the White Space. Carter’s Play is McIlvain’s most ambitious work.” Read full article

Wild Punch

Wild Punch was chosen as one of Merilyn Jackson’s 2011 Theatre Highlights: Critic’s Choice (Broad Street Review)–and we quote: ”James Tolbert and Josh McIlvain . . . gave fascinating psychological performances.”


From Tomato

Chris Ready and Langston Darby

ON THE FRINGE: Deer Head, Philadelphia City Paper, Deni Kasrel
Deer Head is off the wall. It’s also highly recommended if you’re into well-crafted short-form comedic theater. Director Josh McIlvain has a gift for creating improbable situations that keep getting more absurd, then end with a well-placed punch line. He uses spare, well-chosen props and sharp acting to draw you into outrageous scenarios played out by kooky characters. A lover’s duel unlike anything you’ve seen before and an inspired spoof on genealogy and prejudice are among the gems here.”

Critical Mass, Philadelphia City Paper, featured this online comment about DEER HEAD from fellow City Paper theater critic Mark Cofka:
“I would like to add that the production is very clever: the lighting, the sound, and the set (really just pieces, since it’s all performed on the vast dance floor at the Performance Garage). Oh, the costumes, too—basic black with pieces, and sans shoes (that dance floor), which gives the show a performed-in-your-basement feeling of spontaneity, even while everything is obviously carefully staged with wit, emotional realism, and economy.”

7 Days: Regional Arts and Entertainment, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Michael Harrington
“Wild life: The antic absurdity of Deer Head is described as ‘yet another – though equally hilarious, and perhaps even more so, as the first two – evening of short comedies’ by Boat Hole creator Josh McIlvain. The collection, taking an oddball glance at modern living, is presented by Smokey Scout Productions as part of the Philly Fringe at the Performance Garage.”

10 Picks for 2011 Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe,, Christopher Munden
“SmokeyScout follows up last year’s smash Boat Hole with another evening of outrageous short comedies. Showcasing Philly playwright Josh McIlvain’s outlandish but decidedly accessible humor,  the fifteen shorts are seamlessly staged and acted by a stellar cast that includes Curio Theater darling Jennifer Summerfield.”

Listen to the interview with DEER HEAD writer-director Josh McIlvain.

Boat Hole

Boat Hole 1Short Attention Span, Philadelphia City Paper, Deni Kasrel
“If you’re easily distracted but want a full program’s worth of entertainment, head over to Boat Hole (Sept. 15-18, Performance Garage,, a compilation of 15 short plays written by Josh McIlvain. Per his prior production, Confessions of a Plate & Shoe, this one brings on the funny and the offbeat, tinged with an urban edge, because that’s just the kind of guy Josh is.”

10 Essentials at Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe, Philly Weekly, J. Cooper Robb
“[Josh McIlvain] is a frequently produced playwright; and 15 of his funniest short plays (each runs between one and 10 minutes) are rounded up in Boat Hole (Sept. 15-18). The briefly met characters involve a pair of ordinary guys who see a career opportunity in terrorism and orcas who bicker over performing tricks for tourists.”

Rocking the ‘Boat Hole,’ Metro, Bruce Walsh
“Though McIlvain has plenty of full-length work, his 10-minute comedies were in demand in NYC.  “Boat Hole” promises to be a blend of greatest hits and recent works, with pieces ranging from everyday awkwardness—a series of one-minute elevator scenes—to the completely absurd.” Read full article.

ARTSY: Getting Your Fringe on, Phawker, Lindsey Harris-Friel
“Josh McIlvain’s 15 funniest short comedies are all together in one sleazy, edgy and outrageous package when you go to see Boat Hole.”

Hill’s ‘Renaissance Man’ bring ‘Hole’ to the Fringe Festival, Chestnut Hill Local, Jean-Bernard Hyppolite and Len Lear
“If there is such a thing as a Chestnut Hill Renaissance Man, it has to be Josh McIlvain.” Read full article.

“Josh McIlvain seems magically able to churn out funny shorts.”

Confessions of a Plate & Shoe (NYC)

Confessions Of A Plate & Shoe At The Producer’s Club,, Whitney Spaner
“A very worthwhile show . . . they were all great! The shorts deal with everything from psycho dog owners,privates investigators, looney talk show hosts and of course, as the title suggests, a conversation between a plate and a shoe.”